"The only Way to sell Quality is to buy Quality!"

We select always a good Quality of rough Stones from well known Miners & Areas. Depend the Quality, Size and Shape of the rough Stone we decide, wich is the best Cut for the Stone. By this Way we get spectacular and amazing Gemstones for our Customers, for you personally.

"My Passion belongs to the Gems mined and untreated from the Earth"

What makes our Gemstones special? Our Gemstones are sourced directly from Mines across the World, then cut & polished by Expert Gem-Cutters. Our Mine-to-Market approach allows us to offer the finest Quality Gemstones at highly affordable Prices.

We combine our Passion for travelling with the fascination of coloured Gemstones from all over the World.

We are in constant Motion, searching for the most precious & beautifull Gemstones

for your Satisfaction.


Our offer includes popular and rare natural precious and semi-precious Stones in various Quality classes. Always as your Wish & Order.


 "Red is the Color of fire and Blood."

"Garnet is said to have been one of the twelve Stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest, and has been used as a sacred Stone by the Native American Indians, the South American Indians, the Aztecs, the African Tribal Elders, and the Mayans. It acts with speed to expand one's Awareness due to the Flash of Lightening contained within, and enhances one's internal Fire to bring creative Powers to implementation. Garnet provides a protective Influence and a calming stable Vitality during use. It is thought to heal emotional Problems. Placed under a Pillow, Garnet is reputed to alleviate bad Dreams. Medicine-Men used it to cure mental Depression. Garnet can act as a strong Help to balance the Energy-System, stimulate Desires and uplift your Attitude."