"The only Way to sell Quality is to buy Quality!"

We select always a good Quality of rough Stones from well known Miners & Areas.

The Place of discovery is also of central importance for Gemstones. We always keep an Eye on the legendary, famous and well-known Locations of the finest Gemstones.

Depend the Quality, Size and Shape of the rough Stone we decide, wich is the best Cut for the Stone. By this Way we get spectacular and amazing Gemstones for our Customers, for you personally.

"My Passion belongs to the Gems mined and untreated from the Earth"

What makes our Gemstones special?

Our Gemstones are sourced and selectet directly from Mines across the World, then cut & polished by Expert Gem-Cutters. Our Mine-to-Market approach allows us to offer the finest Quality Gemstones at highly affordable Prices. 

In this Way we are sure about the Origin, the Authenticity and the Quality of our Gemstones.

We combine our Passion for travelling with the fascination of coloured Gemstones from all over the World.

We are in constant Motion, searching for the most precious & beautifull Gemstones

for your Satisfaction.


Our offer includes popular and rare natural precious and semi-precious Stones in various Quality classes. Always as your Wish & Order.


We support the Guidelines of Gemstone Fair Trade and strengthen the local Value Chain.

Worth knowing about Gemstones, their Quality and Value:

The Origin..

In addition to the well-known 4 C's, the Origin of a Gemstone is always a decisive Factor.

This of course primarily refers to untreated or maximal ( natural ) heated Gemstones.

The Treatment..

treated vs untreated:

Treatment is a Key Factor in determining the Quality and Value of a Gemstone. There are well-accepted Treatments that do not affect or significantly reduce the Value of a Gemstone.

The accepted Methods of treatment are: natural heating and insignificant Oil residues in the case of Emerald.


Treatments such as Diffusion, Irradiation, significant oiling for Emerald, Resin and Color Oil Fillings for Emerald, Lead Glass Fillings for Corundum (Ruby and Sapphire) are not popular and reduce the Value extremely.

About Gems & Colors


 "Red is the Color of Fire and Blood"

Garnet is said to have been one of the twelve Stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest, and has been used as a sacred Stone by the Native American Indians, the South American Indians, the Aztecs, the African Tribal Elders, and the Mayans. It acts with speed to expand one's Awareness due to the Flash of Lightening contained within, and enhances one's internal Fire to bring creative Powers to implementation. Garnet provides a protective Influence and a calming stable Vitality during use. It is thought to heal emotional Problems. Placed under a Pillow, Garnet is reputed to alleviate bad Dreams. Medicine-Men used it to cure mental Depression. Garnet can act as a strong Help to balance the Energy-System, stimulate Desires and uplift your Attitude.

Our unique Garnet`s.. 

Garnet is not just Garnet. Only settle for the best Garnet`s.. Grapes from Tanzania, Umba River Valley, also known as Umbalite. Or best Quality from deep red to pink from Madagascar and Mozambique.. we are always looking for the finest of all Qualities..


"Green is the Color that symbolizes Balance and Harmony"

The Emerald - Green symbolizes Balance and Harmony. Green has strong associations with Nature and the Environment and is seen as the Color of Luck, Freshness and Renewal. The green Color is thought to help Balance emotions and promote a Sense of Calm and Clarity.

Emerald is a Variety of the Beryl Species and is related to Aquamarine and Green Beryl. The first known Emerald Mines were in Egypt. Emerald has a Hardness of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and it is the only Gemstone with a Cut named after it.

The "Emerald`s Garden"

Emerald is a popular "Evergreen" - in every Respect.

Particularly appreciated by People thanks to its bright green Color, it generally hides from the Eyes of the close Observer tiny Inclusions that make it unique. ( called the "Emerald`s Garden Effect" )


Upon careful Examination under the Microscope, it is possible to find endless Structures within the Emerald Gemstone, which have been poetically named the "Emerald`s Garden Effect". These Inclusions, which run parallel to each other and consist of drops of Liquid, were formed during the growth of the Gemstone.


"The Color blue represents the Sky and the Sea"

The blue Color of natural & untreated Topaz represents the Sky and the Sea

and is associated with open Spaces, Freedom, Intuition, Imagination, Inspiration, and Sensitivity.

Blue also represents meanings of Trust, Loyalty, Sincerity, Wisdom, Confidence, Stability, Faith and Intelligence.

What makes our untreated topaz so incredible?

Our Aim is to offer you the best Quality untreated Topaz from selected and legendary Localities such as Marambia, Brazil.. the Jos Plateau in Nigeria.. from the Volodarsk Topaz Mine in Ukraine..

99% of Topaz on the Market is treated (irradiated, typically: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, London Blue, Jewelry-Topaz).

We show and offer you the valuable, rare and unique Gemstone-Collector Topaz Quality.

The famous & legendary MARAMBAIA Topaz..

The fabled Marambaia Topaz Mine..

While it is true that Topaz is an abundant Gemstone found in Afghanistan, Burma, Brazil, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, the United States and Ukraine, there is one Mine that stands out must become.


The Marambaia Topaz Mine, located in the Jequitinhonha Valley in Minas Gerais, Brazil, produces a unique & superior Quality untreated Topaz in an extensive Range of Colors known as premium Collector & Museum Quality.


Only a few more Mines can deliver Topaz of such high Quality.. there is also the Jos Plateau, Nigeria & the St. Anne Mine, Zimbabwe.

"The Marambaia Topaz offers unparalleled Brilliance, it's as if someone turned on a light inside a rare blue Diamond.”


Deposits of good Quality Marambaia Topaz have become increasingly scarce since the 1990's. Today the Farm is much smaller and Production has fallen by up to 75%.


Untreated Marambaia Topaz has now rightfully positioned itself at the TOP of the TOP Qualities of valuable Collector's Topaz. Followed by Jos Plateau (Nigeria), Zimbabwe, Ukraine.


The Name SAPPHIRE is derived from the Latin "Saphirus" and the Greek "Sapheiros".. both mean BLUE.

The Name Sapphire can also apply to any Corundum that`s not Ruby-Red.

Some Sapphire Trading-Names sound`s like pure Poetry:



The original Kashmir-Sapphire, Origin: Kashmir, set the Standard for the most intensely saturated blue Color.


The World`s most famous Gemstone Color.. like Princess Diana`s Sapphires..


One of the most rare and valuable natural Gemstone / Sapphire Color. Named from the unique and beautyful Lotus-Blossom.

Sapphire is the Birthstone for September.