"Passion is what drives you in Life.

It is the Force behind your Motivation.

It is the Push behind the Things we love.

Gemstones can fill you with the Fire you need to get your Passion reignited in the Direction you choose."


Harald Meier


My Promise to you:


Our colored Gemstones are sourced directly from Mines across the World.

Our Gemstones are procured under Fair-Trade-Conditions.

We just cut & polish the best & finest Quality by Expert Gem-Cutters & by myself.

Our Mine-to-Market & Customer approach allows us to offer the finest Quality of colored Gemstones at highly affordable Prices.


My Slogan: "The only Way to sell Quality is to buy Quality." 


Why you should also think about colored Gemstones as an Investment?

  • Natural colored & untreated Gemstones have always shown a steady, strong Increase in Value and keep their Value safely.
  • Gemstones are the most emotional Way to store Wealth.
  • Gemstones are small and concentrate their Value & Energy in a very small Volume.



"Gemstones can fulfill your Heart, your Spirit & your Soul with

Happiness, Satisfaction, Enjoyment of Life & Fire."



Harald " Harry " Meier

Passionated Gemsone Hunter, Collector & Artist

Gemcutter & Lapidary-Artist Harry Meier